Integrated Solutions

Let our integrated terminal offering take some of the work off of your plate with automated reporting and daily activity balancing.

Managing payment processing can be extremely time consuming. If you’re relying on paper statements, you can never be sure you’re getting a comprehensive picture. Back-office tasks such as creating reports, balancing daily activity at the terminal level for every location and tracking fraudulent activity, can be completed manually – but at high costs.

Our Technology Partners:

  • Visa®
  • Mastercard®
  • JCB®
  • American Express®
  • Discover®
  • Diners Club International®
  • Interac®

    Tap into the buying power of millions of Discover® Cardmembers when they visit from the U.S., by adding Discover to your payment options.

    By accepting Discover®, you open your business to:

    • Billions in spending power — Discover® Card members spend billions of dollars monthly with their cards.
    • Bigger purchases — Discover® Cardmembers spend more on average than MasterCard® cardholders.
    • Diners Club International® is now a part of Discover – so if you accept Diners Club International cards, you can accept Discover as well.
    • Access a growing market in China. Discover® has a reciprocal acceptance agreement with China UnionPay, the only card network in mainland China

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    Interac Flash, an enhancement of Interac® Debit, gives cardholders the choice to pay with debit for small value transactions up to $100 without inserting their card and entering a PIN.

    Interac Flash enabled cards come with transaction limits as an added security measure.

    Financial Institutions set contactless limits for purchases, usually $100, as well as a possible cumulative, or total spend limit. That’s because Interac Flash purchases are deducted immediately from the customer’s bank account.

    Once a limit is reached, customers will be asked to insert their card and enter their PIN to complete the transaction. This will re-set their limits.

    When making purchases beyond the Interac Flash spending limits, customers will also be prompt to enter their pin.

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    Pay at the Table Integrated Restaurant Solution

    Maximize your restaurant's productivity.

    Your guests want good food, friendly service and a hassle-free dining experience. We have solutions for your business to increase productivity and provide better customer service. While it may not be top-of-mind when they're browsing your menu, customers also want assurance that their payment card data is protected.

    Our tools such as the iWL252 Bluetooth Short Range easily integrate First Data payment processing with First Data's certified Restaurant Management Systems (RMS). Every transaction is encrypted and secured. The Pay@Table application protects against fraud and speeds up the payment process for both guests and servers.

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Sona’s Gift Card and Loyalty programs provide end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you're establishing new gift card offerings or transitioning an existing program, you can benefit from:

  • Our experience servicing hundreds of the world’s most well-known retail brands
  • Leading-edge functionality
  • Product innovation to help drive the growth and success of your prepaid programs

Many small businesses have been forced to turn to commercial credit cards to finance operations, a very high-cost option.

Sona’s Cash Advance provides a cost-effective, convenient alternative to access the working capital needed to sustain your business.With a Merchant Cash Advance you can use your future sales to grow your business today including: renovations, expansion, website development or working capital.

How it works

We qualify your business for an advance amount based on your average monthly Visa®/MasterCard® processing. Rather than make set payments on a monthly basis, you agree to have a small percentage of your daily credit card sales withheld to repay the cash advance. This percentage is automatically taken from your daily credit card processing settlements.

It is easy to apply and you can receive funds in as little as 3-5 days.No fixed term or monthly payment.Repay the advance as your business grows with an opportunity to renew your cash advance for additional investment capital.

First Data’s Merchant Cash Advance program makes it easy to invest in your business using the money you're already making!

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What people are saying

“I can say with absolute honesty, that in virtually every case, my comment to these members when I provided them with this information, was that I did not hesitate to recommend Ryan as he provided prompt, courteous, personal service. On top of that he was always motivated to find a solution that tended to be of great value for the customer.”

Dave Moffatt - iNova Credit Union

“Sona showed us how we could significantly cut costs and provided a high level of service that we are very happy with. They are an asset to our business and our membership.”

Amber Thomas-Johnson - Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“Sona provides a level of service unparalleled by any other payment processing companies I have dealt with in the past. As a small business person, navigating the fee structures of the big processors can be daunting, if not impossible, and dealing with a person and a business I can trust has immeasurable value.”

Mike Casey - Owner Operator

“For us, the big thing is creating benefits for our Members.   We want to save them money and make them more efficient in running their business.  Sona does both of those.”

Gordon Stewart - RANS