In today’s world, we’re swiping. Swiping left for love interests, swiping up for our favourite TV show, swiping over for the perfect picture— it only makes sense to give the gift of SWIPING!

Traditionally, friends and family would purchase gift certificates for the perfect gift. You’d go into a restaurant, you’d give your dollar amount and you would receive a folded piece of paper in an envelope and CHECK! Your gift-giving is complete!

Now you load up your reusable card and swipe until you need to reload. 

☕ Coffee- swipe

🍜 Noodles – swipe

🍷 Afternoon cocktail – swipe

But gift cards go beyond the convenience of swiping — they’re essential to any business owner planning for success in 2020. 



  • Easy 
  • Efficient
  • Opportunity

Your business is growing, you need time to process as many purchases as possible. This is why gift cards are easy. Not to mention easy to set up, package and deliver — whether it’s by mail or in a stocking. 

Efficiency keeps the business wheels turning. If you’re going to do something, then efficiency is high on your list when you do it. So if you’re lost for cash, too busy to count bills or even write out cheques— gift cards keep it real and work for business and customers.

Have you been through the Starbucks drive-thru and your gift card has reached the end? What’s the first question they ask, “do you want to reload?” There is always an opportunity to use the gift card again and your customers are buying more, more, more.


You care about the books, reporting, staying on top of every transaction. WELL YOU CAN!

Electronic gift cards provide FULL electronic reporting— by default! (mind blown!)

And, as much as we like cash, with gift cards, you NEVER provide cashback. Speeding up the processing time and leaving customers with ‘breakage’ (the amount left on the card that’s never used) Use the card, buy what you need and swipe until you can’t swipe anymore. Or, reload and never stop swiping.

It boils down to what works for your business. And vintage gift certificates are not the way of the future. Gift cards work on many levels— they’re quick, easy and the best resource for your business and POS machine. Customer turnover is faster, your business makes more money and is able to process more sales. 

Using gift cards in combination with your POS machine seems like the perfect pairing. Knowing that you’re able to sell and receive gift cards means you’re ready for this holiday season. Technology and society have moved away from gift certificates, as you move with them, you’re growing and scaling an efficient business that is ready to make money and serve more customers. 

So, make sure your business is swiping and moving forward to success!