Mobile Pay

Our mobile apps make it easy to take your business to your customers; from pop-up shops to the farmer’s market.Our high-powered mobile payment solutions put everything you need to manage and grow your business in the palm of your hand.

Turn your Smartphone, iPad or Android Tablet Into a secure mobile terminal

With our Mobile Pay app for smartphones, iPad or Android Tablet, paired with a card reader, you’ll be able to quickly take secure credit card payments anywhere. Customers can pay their way: Contactless, Chip & PIN or Swipe.

There are so many benefits for your business:

  • - Be in your customer's environment.

  • - Easily manage your inventory.

  • - Accept more payment types.

  • - Access anywhere, anytime.

  • - Apply discounts.

  • - Built-in protection from TransArmor.


    Upgrade your store cash register to a fully equipped iPad™ POS

    With Mobile Pay you can use an iPad® point of sale as a complete payment system for your retail or food service business. Use it as a mobile register for credit card payments anywhere.

    How it works:

    • Build your store on iPad POS
    • Add items for checkout
    • Take any type of payment
    • Send custom email receipt


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    VX 680 WiFi Bluetooth or 3G Wireless POS Terminal

    The small, portable, handheld VX 680 provides merchants with a stylish yet innovative touch-screen interface that offers speedy payments allowing merchants to move beyond the traditional limits of their checkout counters and accept payments anywhere whether within their retail location, on their sidewalks and patios using WiFi or on the go using 3G networks.

    • Accept virtually all contactless, chip and magnetic stripe payment options
    • Control costs with a combination terminal and printer
    • Transaction set includes sale, refund and correction (void)
    • Pre-authorization and completion for credit cards
    • Fast transaction throughput using Bluetooth or WiFi wireless methods using your current internet connection
    • Drop resistant to 1 meter on concrete floors to minimize breakage and downtime


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    Our Mobile Pay Plus app offers fast, safe, secure and flexible debit and credit card processing anywhere you go by using your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

    The iCMP pinpad, by Ingenico, connects via Bluetooth, with a long lasting battery, so you never have to hand over your smartphone, iPad™ or tablet to a customer. Designed for mobility with a lightweight design, you can accept payments anywhere.

    You can be assured your customer’s card data is safe, because all data is encrypted instantly in the pinpad, using industry leading TransArmor® encryption and tokenization product.

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    First Data TransArmour® Data Protection

    First Data TransArmor® Data Protection is powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software- or hardware-based encryption with random-number tokenization to protect merchants and their customers from the consequences of a payment card data breach.

    Benefits for Business:

    • Multiple layers of protection make cardholder data significantly more secure
    • Reduce risk and address the root cause of data security issues
    • Decrease your liability for breaches and enjoy the extra security of a limited warranty
    • Reduce PCI compliance scope, effort and cost
    • Easy implementation and maintenance, which enables IT to focus on broader business initiatives


    Key Components:

    • Combined public/private encryption and tokenization to protect data at every processing stage
    • The use of the token number to replace the cardholder data virtually eliminates the sensitive data within the merchant environment
    • Full access to the format-preserving tokenized card data for business and marketing uses
    • Limited warranty against compromise of the token number, including fraudulent use outside of the merchant systems environment*

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What people are saying

“I can say with absolute honesty, that in virtually every case, my comment to these members when I provided them with this information, was that I did not hesitate to recommend Ryan as he provided prompt, courteous, personal service. On top of that he was always motivated to find a solution that tended to be of great value for the customer.”

Dave Moffatt - iNova Credit Union

“Sona showed us how we could significantly cut costs and provided a high level of service that we are very happy with. They are an asset to our business and our membership.”

Amber Thomas-Johnson - Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“Sona provides a level of service unparalleled by any other payment processing companies I have dealt with in the past. As a small business person, navigating the fee structures of the big processors can be daunting, if not impossible, and dealing with a person and a business I can trust has immeasurable value.”

Mike Casey - Owner Operator

“For us, the big thing is creating benefits for our Members.   We want to save them money and make them more efficient in running their business.  Sona does both of those.”

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