Whether you are online-only or a brick-and mortar merchant, Sona will help you create the best payment experience for your online customers.

Sona Gateway

Our payment products set the standard for smooth implementation and integration, uptime and processing speed, fraud protection and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards.


With so many solutions, all you have to do is choose what meets your business needs.

From hosted checkouts to developer API's, Sona has a comprehensive range of secure and flexible payment solutions to enhance your online business.



    Customers are sent to a hosted form or cart, where the payment is captured, authorized and confirmed onscreen.

    Transaction results are sent automatically to you and your customers, enabling you to easily track and process orders online.

    Third-party shopping carts to process transactions are also an option, we’re fully integrated with many of the leading online shopping cart providers. Please contact us for details and instructions.

    Our hosted checkout options allow control over fonts, styles and page header/footer designs. We offer free hosting for custom images and CSS stylesheets up to 2MBs. Security protection is also included.

    Have a broad product list? Our basic shopping cart option will be perfect for your website.

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    Do you need a solution for a high volume call centre processing phone-in orders? Or a small business with a large out-of-town customer base?

    The Sona Virtual Terminal allows the merchant and their staff to process transactions from almost anywhere with an Internet connection.

    How it works:

    1. Enter transaction detail
    2. Type in your customer’s card info
    3. Fill out your customer’s profile
    4. Send a custom email receipt

    Have high volume?

    We can work with you to add up to five unique parameters through custom fields on your online interface. Your development team will be able to access additional reporting tools by integrating our comprehensive reporting API.

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    Our Batch Processing service coordinates an unlimited number of payments at the same time.

    Manage a large amount of credit card information without sending each customer to an online payment form. Perfect for mail or telephone orders and other card-not-present environments.

    We make it simple:

    1. Enter your customer card information into a CSV-formatted file (such as Excel)
    2. Upload to an easy-to-use interface in your own online member area. Files can be loaded 30 days in advance
    3. Process the entire file at once
    4. Download reports explaining the status of each transaction
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    Our Tokenization service encrypts every piece of confidential data your customer supplies and stores it on our PCI-certified servers.

    Tokenization is designed to combine any process which could potentially expose secure data. It offers the perfect solution if you need to:

    • Store customer card data before using a payment processing service such as Batch Processing

    Questions about tokenization?

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    Our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Solution allows merchants to offer international customers the option to pay in their home currency, while protecting you from currency fluctuation.

    Expand your reach and offer unique services to your international Foreign Currency customers with our DCC solution—a secure and compliant global payment processing solution.

    Dynamic currency conversion provides you the ability to offer international travelers the choice to pay in their own currency or Canadian dollars.

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    With endless features and benefits, our Developer API allows merchants to build customized e-commerce capabilities to suit specific business needs.

    The API allows you to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers – one where customers never leave your site to complete a purchase.

    Have your developer craft an end-to-end order flow that meets your exact processing requirements. No development kits, downloads or additional hardware required.

    Curious to hear more about the features and benefits?

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What people are saying

“I can say with absolute honesty, that in virtually every case, my comment to these members when I provided them with this information, was that I did not hesitate to recommend Ryan as he provided prompt, courteous, personal service. On top of that he was always motivated to find a solution that tended to be of great value for the customer.”

Dave Moffatt - iNova Credit Union

“Sona showed us how we could significantly cut costs and provided a high level of service that we are very happy with. They are an asset to our business and our membership.”

Amber Thomas-Johnson - Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“Sona provides a level of service unparalleled by any other payment processing companies I have dealt with in the past. As a small business person, navigating the fee structures of the big processors can be daunting, if not impossible, and dealing with a person and a business I can trust has immeasurable value.”

Mike Casey - Owner Operator

“For us, the big thing is creating benefits for our Members.   We want to save them money and make them more efficient in running their business.  Sona does both of those.”

Gordon Stewart - RANS