The world of technology is ever-changing, making it challenging for business owners to know what’s the ‘best of the best’ for their daily business operations and (bold) for their customers.

We get it — you set up your point of sale system, everything is working ‘a-okay’, but then there’s a new, shiny option that lands on your desk. How do you know when to shift over to a new POS? What makes it worth it?

Now, payment service providers are combining merchant services with your business’ point of sale system. Say goodbye to paperwork and time-consuming admin tasks— and say HELLO to efficiency and streamlined point of sales technology. You will soon forget the vintage POS Machines, and know what it’s like to offer the best business practices to your customers.

Is now the time to switch over to something new?

Below we outline the 5 payment system software companies that are changing the game in payment services— making your business cost-effective and your customers happy.


A global technology that put it all in the cloud

Being in the cloud provides unmatched reach – we can go where our competitors can’t and address the needs of our clients in days versus years. Once a new solution is available, it’s available to all.

The perfect marriage of reliable and fast action— eConduit saves time and money. Staying up to date is not an issue, which keeps businesses systematic and productive.

SecureTable Pay

A US system that provides quick table turnaround- more customers- booming business

SecureTablePay is an EMV pay-at-the-table solution, for both chip and sign and chip and pin cards. With a decade of field-proven innovation in over 2,000 restaurant installations, SecureTablePay is now fully certified and available in the US marketplace.

Customers hate waiting, and with today’s quick turnaround, businesses are struggling daily with keeping up! Restaurant owners want their customers to feel appreciated. And because turnaround is so important in the restaurant world, having happy customers is crucial to business. Having technology that improves customer service while allowing more patrons to be served— well, that’s a no brainer!


Streamlining restaurant’s point of service needs

With the use of cutting-edge technology, smart devices, and innovation; SoftPoint provides applications to better run your operations and back-office management. SoftPoint provides your customers with a better overall experience.

Word of mouth means a lot, especially in the food and drink industry. You want to add that special customer experience with the one on one attention you know your customers deserve. POS Machines can allow extra time to be devoted to your customers. Choosing a POS Machine that has up to date technology designed for restaurants can take you to the next level— know that it exists, you just have to know where to get it. 


Explore payment possibilities integration is KEY!

This easy solution allows the software developer to quickly bring their offering to market, while eliminating the need for product certification and reducing in PCI compliance issues.

Having it all is one thing— having it all in one place, that’s just smart business. With software integration, businesses are now able to serve more clients, obtain more customers and enrich the experience by offering maximum payment providers with one terminal. 


Operations vs. Technology, maximizing profitability and making operation practices easy

Integrated payments are the key to profitability. This technology connects point of sale to your device, then (in real-time) you start creating an experience that is convenient to customers and organized for servers. It might just have it all.

Having the most up to date technology in a world that is ever-changing can seem like a task impossible to keep up with. In every aspect, challenges arise. Let’s shift the perspective. Know that you can keep your customers happy with a POS Machine and streamlined technology—  leaving you more time to nurture customer relations and scale your business. 

POS Machines are evolving with technology, make sure that your business is too.  

Sonapay offers the best technology in a world that is continuously updating. Finding the most efficient software for your business is our top priority; coupled with the best POS machine, we can help YOU find the perfect match!